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The Butcher’s Bill

Cassus woke up in a StreetDoc’s clinic in the Glow City area of Redmond after having survived a run that went very badly, the rest of his team appears to have been killed. He was pretty sure that his SIN had been compromised and he needed a new one. His dead ‘runner team had rented an apartment in Tacoma and he knows that there is a lot of gear and credit lying around there. The team had paid for the first and last month’s rent so he still has at least four weeks before the land lord confiscates the contents of the room.

Cassus paid off the doc and got his gear back and the doc connected him with Roscoe the fixer. When Cassus walked out of the doc’s office he was jumped by two Halloweener gang members who were hanging out on the front porch. He killed them and made his way to meet with Roscoe.

Roscoe told Cassus he could get him a rating 3 fake SIN but it would cost 3600¥. Since Cassus didn’t have that much Roscoe told him about a job with the GAMS (Glow City Aid and Medical Society) group in Glow City. On his way to the GAMS clinic Cassus was ambushed by another Halloweener gang member. Cassus easily took out the ganger and made it to the clinic.

The clinic turned out to be a heavily defended compound surrounded by fences, razorwire and automated defenses. He learned that the GAMS group is trying to “heal” the damage caused by the partial meltdown of the Trojan-Satsop reactor. They claim that the damage even extends into the astral plane. They claim the GAMS group was founded by Native American’s and elves from the areas around Seattle specifically to deal with the physical and astral pollution, and they seem to be well funded.

The job they had for Cassus was to accompany one of their mages on a run to find and eliminate a group of ghouls that had recently moved into the area. They were successful in wiping out the ghouls and even found their food source. It appears that a nearby body chop-shop is purposefully dumping medical waste and body parts in the hopes that the ghouls will take care of the mess. The elf mage used a fire spirit to burn the waste and they used their commlinks to mark the spot on GPS since they were underground and couldn’t get through a mag-locked door that led to the surface.

Cassus was paid for the first part of the run and got his new SIN as well as a few Karma points. The GAMS group asked if he would be interested in further employment since they need help in dealing with the chop-shop for good. Cassus agreed to continue his contract with them.

The initial information about the chop-shop is that it seems to belong to the Seattle mafia and is most likely well defended. Cassus recommended that the GAMS group hire another runner to help him out since he is sure that there will be defense in depth including electronic, matrix and physical components. The leaders of the GAMS group suggested he ask Roscoe if he knows of any runners in the area looking for work.

Roscoe is able to find a Rigger named Cockroach who has a decent amount of equipment as well as a couple useful skills and a good looking Elf mage named Crow. After some negotiation they agreed on payments and headed for the chop-shop.

The rigger was able to use his equipment and hacking skills to get some intel on the chop-shop and the group approached the location in the riggers ugly old van. Cockroach disabled much of the shops security (turned off cameras and unlocked doors) while Crow, Cassus and one of Cockroach’s armed drones entered the chop shop and got into a brutal gun battle that ended badly for the mafia muscle guarding the shop. There was an especially skilled Orc that caused a lot of trouble but he was taken out by a combination of spells and gun fire. The group destroyed the shop and stole some paydata from the security computer in the shop. The GAMS group bought the paydata and paid them for the run contract and offered them more work which the group turned down.

Cassus still doesn’t know who betrayed him but he knows he might get some clues and more cash from his apartment. On top of the 10k nuyen on his secure credstick, he had locked a few personal things in a small footlocker and left his new bike in secure parking. There might be some clues to what happened on that run, because someone needs to pay.

The apartment on the 4th floor of a 16 story building called Traveler’s Rest, located in an upscale part of Tacoma. The building is known for its personal service and discretion (ie, lack of video surveillance in most of the building, lots of bellboys, maids, food service, etc). There are rumors that Shiawase VP’s keep their mistresses tucked away in some of the penthouse apartments. The buildings network is very well guarded. The cheapest apartment rents for 2500 a month so it is very high end.

The secure parking garage is only two blocks from the apartment building and is completely anonymous. The customer is given half of a decryption code to store on their commlink and they present that code to the automated elevator. The elevator, when it receives a matching code, takes the customer to the correct level. Each vehicle is secured in a concrete stable with steel pylons that rise up from the floor to block the entrance. There are several different size stables, from truck and van sized to smaller motorcycle sized. When the customer approaches the storage area, their commlink is once again queried for the code and only then will the steel pylons sink into the floor. The customer is only required to pay when they attempt to drive their vehicle out of the garage. Cassus owes 60 nuyen to the garage.

The characters are currently sitting in the back of Cockroach’s van which is parked in the parking lot of Traveler’s Rest.

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