MapfragmentThe time between adventures can be a lot of fun for players especially when they see the effect that their good work has on the world and their reputations. They have time to celebrate, spend their hard earned coin and find a new direction in which to head.

As the GM/DM this is a time of nerves and lots of prep work. I don’t know where the players are going to go or what they might do so I need to be ready for anything… well almost anything. Hopefully I’ve planted some ideas in the players heads about what the coolest, most exciting, or profitable thing to do next might be. Even with that in mind they could go completely off the rails and head in some unexpected direction. In my D&D campaign, the characters bought a map from a local merchant and can look around at all the interesting geographical features that are available for exploration. So if they decide to make a detour towards the “Forest of Wyrms” or the “Hill of Lost Souls” I need to be ready with something. This is where the Dungeon Masters Guide comes in very handy. The random encounter tables and random dungeon generator should be a reliable standby for every DM. I can also boast that my years of experience as a D&D player and DM has provided me with tons of material including some top notch adventures to pick from. So I’m ready for our next adventuring session even if the players decide to head for the horizon.

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